The Amazing Name Activity Set

Over 25 pages of fun, engaging activity pages, personalized with YOUR CHILD's name!

Activity Set featuring YOUR CHILD's Name!

Looking for an AMAZING way for your child to learn about their name in fun, educational ways? Check out our Amazing Name Activity Set! It's personalized with your child's name over 80 times!

  • 25+ pages of activities like mazes, word-searches, coloring pages and handwriting pages.
  • Fun, colorful characters from our Amazing Name Cartoon.
  • Order them by mail or get a printable PDF file you can use over and over
  • Easy to follow instructions on each page, with a variety of difficulty levels, recommended for ages 3 to 12.

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  • $4 each or 10 for $30  (no shipping charge)

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  • $7 each or 10 for $50 ($2 shipping per order. Black-print, double-sided pages.)

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PLEASE share this link with other families who would like to keep their kids learning!    www.Amazing.Name/ACTIVITY

So what's the story?

In 2019, we finished the Amazing Name Cartoon, and printed a small personalized activity set to go along with it.  When  Covid-Craziness closed down the government schools in May, 2020, we made our Amazing Name Activity Set free to parents looking for ways to encourage parents to keep their children learning through creative and fun ways through the end of their school year and their crazy 2020 Summer.  We brainstormed long lists of cool ideas on how to create a book as clever as our personalized cartoon, that would feature the child's name in really creative ways.  The Amazing Name Activity Set has 25+ pages of fun:  mazes through the letters of your child's name, word-searches for their name, coloring pages with their name and handwriting exercises that teach the child their name in block and cursive, so they can learn to sign their name.  If you look hard, you'll find your child's name over 80 times!  

We usually suggest it for ages 3-12, but some teens and adults also use them, and a few 2-year-olds who love to color along with their siblings. It's ideally suited for a child who is just learning what their name looks like, or how to sign their name.  There are a variety of difficulty levels in each set so that parents can print the pages best suited to each child, and even save the tougher puzzles for use in future years.  In our first 3 months, we’ve delivered over 10,000 sets and were featured by our local, state and nationwide Homeschool organizations.     HSLDA article: 

What else ya got?

We're a family that loves the treasures in NAMES! We make Name Meaning Gifts like NamePlaques and Coffee Mugs, Music Boxes and Bookmarks, at www.Meaning.Name. And our coolest gift is the Amazing Name Cartoon, --which goes perfectly with the Activity Set!

In Amazing Name, cartoon characters speak to your child by name, and take them on an adventure to discover the meaning of their name! Children learn about the culture and language their name is from, how to spell their name, and what God says about names in the Bible. They get to see their name in cursive and block lettering, written by the friendly Ben the Pencil, and the child's own artwork is featured in the show, rolled into a rocket and used as a parachute! Take a look at our little "movie trailer" below:


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What does my name mean? (Or, a bunch of names!)

So glad you asked this first, because it's our favorite question! Click the chat box, email us or give us a call and we'll tell you the meaning of any name! (for long lists of names, it's best to email us.) Click here for some detailed articles on our research methods.

What if my name is so unusual that you can't research my name?

Most names spoken in the US are already in our database, but we love researching new names! 99.98% of the time, we can find an authentic, positive meaning to even the most challenging of names. Contact us if you'd like to find out what your name means!

I have a big family/classroom/church/homeschool group; can I get a discount for a bulk order?

Absolutely! If you need to order more than 20 activity sets, please contact us.

Can I reuse the activity PDFs?

Yep! Just save them to your computer and you can open them and print out the pages for your child over and over! If a word-search or puzzle is too difficult for your child this year, save it for next year!

Who is CrossTimber?

Aw, thanks for asking! We're a family in a farmhouse, who uses all their skills to help one another (and our clients) succeed. John researches the names and does the graphics, Katie and the children voice the cartoon characters and inspire the activities, and everybody works together to put your order together! Find out more about us at www.Meaning.Name

Why are there Bible verses in your products?

God has filled names with a treasure trove of encouragement and meaning, and we love to share that with others! Proverbs 22:1 says that a good name is to be chosen over great riches, and that God seeks a relationship with each of us on a first-name-basis friendship. He tells us His name, and calls us by name. Several verses are mentioned throughout our cartoon show and in the Activity Sets, and on our Name Meaning Gifts to connect with the meaning of the name.

Do you ship internationally to Canada and other countries or APO addresses?

Yep, and yep and yep! Digital Deliveries can be sent anywhere in the world. For tangible items outside the US & Canada, please contact us for a shipping quote.

Do I need a PayPal account?

No.  PayPal is NOT required. Our shopping cart will accept regular credit card payments through PayPal, without requiring you to sign up. OR, you can order by telephone and skip the website altogether.  You can even pay by check, if you're not in a hurry.

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